Week 6: August 5th – August 10th

I did 5 reactions trying to reproduce the reaction results under the optimal reaction condition last week. The reaction was run under the exact same condition, with different temperature and reaction time; however, it is still impossible to produce a high percentage yield of the desired product. I was getting very frustrated about the result because an experimental result should be reproducible. I have even checked all the NMR of the starting material to make sure that things haven’t gone wrong. However, I still kept getting an unwanted result. It was also the nature of research that sometimes you will just feel lost in a wild forest, unable to find you treasurable experiment result. I went through all the spectrum that the previous student did and found out that he made a calculation mistake. Therefore, he produced a false experimental result. I felt relieved when I finally found out the essential problem with the result. I need to pause my project process with all the other molecules to redo the optimization reaction to find out the best reaction condition. It was pretty much running the reaction and check how the reaction goes hourly with GC-MS.