Week 7: August 12th – August 16th

Last week of summer research! Last week, the reaction was not going in the way as I expected. Therefore, it took longer time to finalize the optimization reaction, and finally, the reaction temperature was nailed down and I spent two days to monitor the reaction very closely in order to find out the time when the production of our desired product is the highest. Other than that, I worked up the reaction with benzoquinone, did a column on that and obtained NMR spectra for the single spot. So far, I am not sure whether it is a single pure molecule, or it contains isomers. More spectra are needed in order to decipher its identity, but I am staying very optimistic about that. For the optimization reaction, I am glad that it is almost done, but meanwhile, I also had some interesting findings that there are still some intermediate molecules which may be able to be converted into the final product. In order to do that, some extra chemicals may be needed to facilitate the reaction. I read some literature on a similar reaction, and hopefully, I can get some exciting result next semester.