Final Reflections of DC and the Department of State

Hi all –


It’s hard to believe that the summer is over and our first round of classes are about to start this Wednesday. By the end of my internship it had begun to feel as if I was an employee at DOS rather than just an unpaid intern ready to finish their final year of college. My final week was spent finishing up my final project which was to draft the 2019 END Act Report and Strategic Assessment that is due to be published by Congress in October this year (yipee!). It just happened to work out perfectly that the finishing touches were due the same week I was preparing to leave! Overall I’d say this has been one of the most fulfilling summers of my life which I am surprised to say – I fully expected to be exhausted after 10 weeks of a full-time “adult” job. This experience, however, has reignighted my passions and solidifed the direction of my future career in ways I didn’t think possible.

If you are in any way interested in public service or public policy, apply for this internship. An unpaid internship is definitely a privilege to be able to experience but scholarship funds like the FUSE definitely helped to make it more manageable, so I wouldn’t write it off immediately (like I almost did).

If you do end up staying in DC for any part of the summer here is a list of some highly recommended spots to stop by.

  1. Sami’s Coffee Kiosk (best iced cappuccinos ever – got one almost every day my last week)
  2. Dupont Circle Farmers Market (every Sunday until 1)
  3. Bridge Street Bookstore (great collection of used and new books)
  4. Jazz in the Gardens (every Friday 5-8)
  5. Chercher Ethiopian Restuarant (get the vegetarian platter to split with a friend) The National MallDC

with the interns!!Dupont Circle Farmers Market