textures of Seoul; closing remarks

The past two weeks barreled into one as my trip forged to an end.

I think I may harbor some residual wanderlust as I’ve been especially restless since I’ve gotten back home, but at the same time incessantly tired and listless all hours of the day. I have yet to figure out which order the two appeared in, which is the cause and which the effect, if there even is such a relationship.

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Final Week: the Asian Young Leaders for Democracy program

Last week (8/18 – 8/22)

Finally, we had the AYLD! I’m disappointed that I decided not to stay for the whole conference, though I would’ve flown back Monday and started class Wednesday. At least I stayed for half of it. I’m grateful to Ya-wei (my supervisor) because I got to interact with the participants and help with their sessions, meaning I heard from all the guest lecturers. We had talks about indigenous rights, disinformation, human rights law, digital security, democratic innovation, and more. Of course it was satisfying seeing the payoff from our preparations. It was also funny sometimes. For example, I had prepared the roommate assignments and apparently put two people together who were roommates at a similar democracy conference earlier in the year! They asked me if it had been intentional, but it really wasn’t.

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Charles Center Research #1: Muslim Futurism and Dune

The Dune Problem

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