Week 5 – Problem Encountered

One of the most important lessons I learned from lab experience is that: things never go as you expected. My initial plan for marking tadpoles’ neural progenitor cells involve a type of protein named mitoRFP_t. Such protein is a kind of red florescent protein that would emit red light under microscope. Unfortunately it turns out that this protein is contaminating mitochondria by making it sick. Instead of marking individual distinctly, it gave me a series of unclear organelles.

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Week 4 – Imaging Tadpoles

Last week I finished sorting embryos and now I have healthy tadpoles ready. Sadly my PI was out of town so I was basically alone for the most of time. I composed a poem to record this sorrow moment. [Read more…]

Week 3 – Getting some Tadpoles


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Week 7 – Babalik ako sa “bahay” ko

Hello readers,


This week I continued with my two projects: isolating Paramecium and Acanthamoeba. Thankfully, after several days of trying to get the paramecium to multiply in a test tube, it worked! I started with one paramecium that I got from water in the laguna inside the University of the Philippines, and I was able to get five to six parameciums at the end! I was unable to complete the final step of the project as I was out of time; however, I would have done a DNA extraction/PCR in order to determine if the microbe was in fact a paramecium. I was also able to isolate Acanthamoeba from the air conditioning filters. I found an isolated cyst (dormant state of Acanthamoeba) within the gel and I flame-sterilized a scalpel to cut the cyst out and place it onto another plate with E. coli. After letting it incubate for a day, I checked the plates and I found that there was an Acanthamoeba present within the plate! I also helped the salmonella team perform their Vitek operations during my final week. 

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