Week 1

Yesterday marked one week since I arrived in Tokyo. In many ways, it’s been a whirlwind of a time so far with introductions, adjustments, planning, etc., but with a few odd bits of stillness here and there. To give a brief snapshot of the week, after I arrived at Haneda airport last Saturday, Professor Hamada and a General Affairs employee Ms. N, kindly came to greet me, take me to the company apartment where I’m staying, and make sure I had the basic supplies to survive in Tokyo. The rest of that weekend I spent figuring out how to grocery shop, find my way around my neighborhood, and ride the trains, all of which took some getting used to but weren’t as daunting as I had feared, thankfully.

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Week 7 — Finalization

My summer has come to an end but my research work needs further effort. This week I tried to collect images and data from the first patch of tadpoles I got. However, as I mentioned, these tadpoles are now way too big for the microscope and the mold we made. The images I took from tadpoles are not the clearest ones I could get, and since the tadpole size was way too big, many of them get squished under the microscope and died after the experiment. Therefore, I spent more time on reading scientific papers and familiarizing the software for my data analysis. I will continue my research during the fall and spring semester.

Summary: Tears in Antarctic Ice

As was discussed in the abstract, there has been a net loss of ice around Antarctica throughout the past decades, and much of this ice loss is due to iceberg calving. The process of iceberg calving begins with rift propagation, which can be analogized similarly to tearing a piece of paper.

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Week 6

The last week of interning consisted of leaving the city for some fieldwork. I am very grateful to my boss, Sergelen, for sending us out with the surveyors because it was just an excuse to let us travel around the country.

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A Speggtactular Summer – Final SUMMERy!

Spending an entire summer doing biological research, and pursuing my own project, was something I never imagined I would do, but here I am! Being able to spend my summer here in Williamsburg was an amazing opportunity and definitely an experience which I will look back upon fondly.

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