Crowdsourcing Results

I realize that I have been largely silent on the Crowdsourcing project since my first post.  The main reason for this is that the treatments for the crowdsourcing experiment were not implemented until I had only three weeks left in Uganda.

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The wild world of NGOs (and CBOs)

As I referenced in my last post, one of the things that I learned quickly working on the NGO project this summer was that the QuAM initiative is really targeted towards the tiny CBOs that need serious help with basic principles of organizational management.

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More thoughts on QuAM

I owe the charles center blogging community an apology.  I have been an errant blogger.  As I look up the word errant on line to make sure I am using it correctly so as not to look foolish in such a brainy group, informs me that it has two definitions: [Read more…]

NGO Adventures

With the sudden arrival of July, two things have become clear: 1) I am almost halfway through my time in Uganda and 2) I am long overdue for an update on the Charles Center blog.

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Crowdsourcing and Scorecarding: Experiments to improve aid effectiveness in Uganda

Hello all!

My name is Alena Stern, and I am a rising Senior double majoring in International Relations and Economics.  I am particularly interested in economic development and the role of foreign aid and international assistance in developing countries.  Since my freshmen year, I have been working as a research assistant for the Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations at the College.  One of the projects housed at the Institute is AidData, a collaboration between William and Mary, BYU, and Development Gateway that promotes the dissemination, analysis, and understanding of development finance information.  With the generous assistance of the Murray Scholars Program, I will be heading to Uganda this summer to work on two different AidData projects studying how to improve the transparency and effectiveness of the aid sector in Uganda.

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