Making Full-Time Research Work

As I have conducted research throughout the summer, I have realized the difficulty of self-led independent research. You have no daily assignments. There is no homework or participation grade.

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The Earth and the Sea

In the readings for this research, I read about dozens of disputes in the past century that have brought about war. Among them, not a single one is over ocean boundaries.

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Coding Disputes

As a large portion of my honors thesis, I will be using a large¬†n¬†database to conduct quantitative comparisons across different territorial disputes. Before I am able to do the tests, however, I must first complete my database and code every dispute (since 1949) to test my hypotheses. As I have done so, I have run up against a number of difficult coding decisions that could potentially change the face of my dataset and, through that, my results. Here are some of the questions that I face: [Read more…]

Good Neighbors: The effect of economy and culture on the settlement of territorial disputes

Hello! Welcome to a new set of blog posts for a new summer and a new research topic. My name is Dylan Kolhoff. I am a rising Senior who will be conducting this thesis research during the latter part of the summer after returning from study abroad in China. My thesis research topic is closely related to both current events in China and my experiences over my past year in China.

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A student and a teacher

I spoke with a fellow teacher (who is currently a student at a Beijing Public School) at CMC about the government and the possibility of a Jasmine Revolution, and he had this to say:

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