Summer Research “Check”

I am so happy to finally say: I HAVE  FINISHED MY RESEARCH!!!

After realizing in my last post that I would need to do major restructuring of my paper  from a 4 event analysis down to 1, I have finally finished.

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If You Can’t Do Them All…Do One Well

Hello World!

Remember that ambitious girl three weeks ago that thought she could make a cohesive research paper formed on these four ideas? [Read more…]

Back from the Past, Blast to the Future

Did my spicy title draw you in? Well, now for the dry stuff.

I finished my research on previous Presidential policies regarding Israel and Palestine, and have now begun applying this to current events. My goal is to analyze how Trump’s policies compare/ contrast to historical US precedence, and the effect this will have on the future of a one or two state solution.

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June Update: Danger of Self-Bias

Before looking at the current events that will shape my research, I started by looking back at history. How did the United States begin its alliance with Israel? When did this alliance actually informally and formally start? What is the historical precedent of relations between US Presidents and Israel? Finally, how do these actions compare to those of President Trump?

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The Loss of Palestine: First the State, Now the Dream?

Within the last year, how has the clout of one country, the United States, altered the prospect of a one or two state solution between Palestine and Israel?

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