Successes and Compromises

Hiya readers! This is the first attempt at journaling that I’ve ever actually kept up with, which both surprises and satisfies me. It’s actually something I look forward to doing now. In such a foreign place it’s easy to sit around and not interact with people, staying in my room when I’m not working. I was in this agitated liminality that felt really suffocating. But I found a gym I like, I look forward to walking to work in the morning, and I listen to podcasts, write, and read on the weekends (with the occasional YouTube binge). It’s nice. Nicer than it was for awhile– no matter how much you love adventure, there’s a massive difference between touring a place and living somewhere. Living requires stability, routine, and laundry. Personally, the biggest obstacles that I’ve encountered here are the prosaic ones I’d find moving to any new city. I’m definitely out of my element, and was desperately grasping at normalcy for awhile, but I am tougher than I originally gave myself credit for. But of course, the extra difficulty of not knowing the language very well doesn’t exactly help (which was daunting to deal with at first).

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Here in Indonesia

Hi curious readers– I thought I posted this here, but I guess I didn’t. Sorry everyone!

So I am writing this post from the Pemkot Informasi Publik building, in the Resilience Office where I will be doing my work for the next 2 months. I apologize for the delay in writing this blog post, but I have been having a wonderfully busy time here in the past couple of days, just learning the local ways, the language, and what my role in the government office will be. Also, I forgot to bring a universal power adapter with me, and therefore I couldn’t charge my computer…. it’s also surprisingly difficult to write a blog on your cell phone.

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Abstract: Citizen-Generated Mapping of Urban Space Usage and Impacts on Urban Resilience

Hi everybody!!

My name is Emmaleah Jones and welcome to my W&M Charles Center summer 2016 research project blog!  Before diving into the details of the blog, here’s a little about my interests and background. I am from Warrenton, Virginia– just an hour (and change) southwest of Washington. I love to read, hike, sing, write, cook and eat! I am a person that one might describe as “enthusiastic”– the world fascinates me, and I came to college with the goal of learning everything I could.

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