Girolama and this summer’s research!

All in all, this summer was a great learning experience. In the beginning there were a lot of complications that led to procedures being redone but after a lot of trial and error, screening for genes and cloning plasmids has become almost second nature! The results from my research are hard to explain in short but here is my best attempt! After putting a pause on my original project due to lack of resources (genetic libraries of J68 strain) to continue, work on the P7 gene of various strains has been the main focus of my research. Fantastic results of genome walking the P7 gene of the B105 strain proved older data that was suspected to be wrong were in fact inconsistent whereas the data I found seemed to make more sense! Though this was the only main result found throughout this summer, other findings from the other various strains are to be researched further during the school year!

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Girolama Bui and P7 screening

Hey guys! So as of recently after receiving data with B105 and our P7 gene, I’ve begun screening multiple other strains of Cag Negative and Cag Positive strains for our interesting P7 gene. We have about 3 candidates from our screening of 16 both Cag Negative and Cag Positive strains even though there are only four suspected positive strains that would show significant importance whether or not it would show evidence of a possible P7 gene. As for the other strains, B99a and B105, sequence data will later be analyzed! Time has run out for the summer but further investigation will happen in the fall! Fingers crossed!

Girolama Bui and the darned P7 gene

Girolama Bui and the P7 gene!

Girolama & the Prophage part 2

After the first couple weeks of researching this summer, I found that I had been using the wrong Taq polymerase (something VERY essential) for my genome sequencing project and ended up using most of my genomic material. After careful consideration, Dr. Forsyth and I decided to pause this project and use my abilities to help in a different project! The new project will be to help out Ariel Eclipse with her research with the P7 gene of different strains! Exciting!

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