Final Thoughts…

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An Honorable Tag

During second visit to Seoul Foreign School (SFS), I gave brief information on my research in front of Mrs. Wilcox classes. I felt great when I presented my research topic and such to the students. I received a greater attention from upperclassmen than lowerclassmen but this did not bother me in any ways. What only mattered was realizing that my hard work is getting paid off. A few students came to me and wished to get involve in my project. I was thrilled. At the same time, however, it got me thinking that how come some realized the worthiness of this research incentive ($5 Starbucks gift card ea.) while others did not?

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I can. Can I?

On Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

I went up the hill where I can see the “old-part” of Seoul. There are traditional Korean houses in tightly packed neighborhoods, the small vintage cafes from the 70s, and the restaurants since 1960s. This part of Seoul is called Kangbuk (강북), the northern part of Seoul. This region harbors both old and new culture and creates such a tight-knit community unlike the southern part of Seoul, Kangnam (강남) with skyscrapers. I indeed enjoyed the “old” atmosphere as I made my way to the oldest foreign school in Korea, Seoul Foreign School.

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What’s the problem?

Hello W&M ! Here I am to share my story from Tuesday, May 24th in Seoul, South Korea.

As soon as I left Seoul metro, I was surrounded by a mob of students dressed in the same uniform. They were walking to the same direction while I was going against their flow. Of course, I received a great attention from every one of them by not only walking to a different direction but also wearing something other than the school uniform. I was overwhelmed (greatly!) but tried to ignore them and be cool with my arrogant thought of being a college student. With uneasy attention, I walked about ten minutes from the metro and reached a HUGE, firmly established brown brick building. Mr. Park, an advisor from Apgujung high school who volunteered to support my summer Sharpe project, greeted me the most once I got there. The first time I reached him was in mid April via international call. Although we had a short conversation about my summer research, he showed a great enthusiasm and interest in this project. Finally, here I am, having the very first meeting as a Sharpe researcher at W&M with a representative of another community.

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My very first blog to the world.

Hello Everyone!

This is Hee Kyung Baek, a rising sophomore and the former Sharpe Community Scholar. I plan to focus on public health and neuroscience during my stay at the college. Also, I am a psychology nerd, especially when I come to understanding the “theory” or “phenomenon” of human perceptions and brain physiology. Enough with telling you about myself let me shift your attention to why I am on this blog and what I am launching on.

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