Update 6/29/18


I have created a list of expanded documentary websites and we have decided upon a general scheme for the website which is shown below. I have also begun to use Lynda.com to learn wordpress and do exercises to improve my proficiency. [Read more…]

Update 6/15/18


I put the footage organization plan into action. I re-organized the entire file structure of the drive and also created a clone of the drive. I have also begun to look into potential example websites that work in the expanded documentary space and do it well. I have also begun to contact some NYU students who are working on their own documentary about sustainable farming and have talked to them about their process and how they built their website. The current plan is to use WordPress, which I have yet to learn.

Update 5/30/18


I have begun to look over the hard drive clone for the documentary and have familiarized myself with it’s contents.

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Update 5/15/18

Apparently my blog posts have been saving as drafts rather than actually posting. I apologize for this. The following is my update log from 5/15/18

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Abstract: Communicating Environmental Science with Documentary Film

Dr. Dorothy Ibes (ENSP) and Professor Tanya Stadelmann (FMST) are producing a feature length documentary about the emerging story of ecotherapy (healing with nature) for their Reveley Interdisciplinary Fellows course: Communicating Environmental Science with Documentary Film. They are working in conjunction with the Parks Research Lab (PRL) to create the documentary. PRL initiatives aim to increase understanding of the contribution of greenspace to public health and well-being and encourage more nature contact, with a focus on the William and Mary campus the community of the Greater Williamsburg Area. Last April Ibes and Stadelmann screened a 8 minute trailer for Provost Halleran, Vice-Provost Grover and Annie Davis, Executive Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, which was well received.

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