A Tale of Two Summers. But first, Shakira and KBBQ (Week 3)

This past weekend was full of ~unique~ experiences. On Friday, a few other W&M students and I spent the night out on the town in Makati. What started with a subpar dinner soon transitioned to watching midget boxing (a recommendable one-time experience) and then clubbing. At the fight ring, the boxers were treated respectfully as fighters/actors/professionals, for which I am glad. We got to the club a little too early, so someone had to break in the dancefloor – that person was me. Shakira came on and that was that. After a couple hours of dancing and making sure everyone else got back to their residences in Makati and BGC safely, I took a Grab back to my hotel in Quezon City. I spent Saturday working overtime on some data analytics in R for CheckMySchool and weightlifting at Gold’s Gym down the street. On Sunday, we regrouped in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) to explore some malls and swim. The highlight of the day, though, was Korean barbeque for dinner. Tell me I have 57 minutes left at a buffet and you will witness 57 minutes of me trying to meet my macros for the entire week.

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Early Challenges (Week 2)

Thursday, 5/30/2019

First challenges:

Two challenges early on in this 10-week placement have been meeting new people my age and trying new restaurants. Other challenges, like figuring out transportation and my work with ANSA-EAP, have been easy to overcome because I’m a very independent person. But expanding my comfort zone to talk to new people and go to places which are very different than I am used to is something that requires more than just me.

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Getting to Metro Manila and Meeting CheckMySchool (Week 1)

Thursday, 5/23/2019

Getting to QC:

Check-in luggage packed. Travel snacks in the carry-on. A box of Cheez-It’s, four protein bars, and three pills of motion sickness medicine (just in case) and I’m ready for my 30+ hours of travel to get me from Chesapeake, VA, to Quezon City, Metro Manila, PH. This is my first time flying and living abroad alone.

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Recap of the Summer and Trip to Esfuerzo

In my previous post, I described the four protocols written before the trip to guide our field research in Esfuerzo de Paraíso, Dominican Republic. The JdV Inclusivity, Road, Electrification, and Health protocols each had goals and outlined methods to achieve them. In this post, I will describe how the trip went and how we were able to accomplish the goals we set out, even when things didn’t go as planned.

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Writing the Protocols to Guide Our Field Research in Esfuerzo

I had trouble posting this while I was in the Dominican Republic, so I had to wait until we got back to post this blog. The final summary will be coming soon!

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