Living Shorelines- Summary



This summer has been incredibly informative to my academic future, giving me valuable lab and field research experience, allowing me to deepen my relationships with professors and grad students, gain an understanding of ecological fieldwork and how to work in a lab team, all while being quite a lot of fun.

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Living Shoreline- Week 7

Week 7


Time flies! I didn’t realize how quickly these 7 weeks would go. It felt as though I had just gotten back to campus, and I was already leaving! This week, Bob and I discussed the future of our research and of my work in the ACER/KECK labs. During our final lab meeting, I talked to Professor Leu about my path at William and Mary, about declaring my major and future opportunities in research work. He was incredible helpful and agreed to sit down with me again in the fall to discuss options/paths for the rest of college.

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Living Shoreline- Week 6

Week 6


After trying to find a workaround for the camera malfunction, Bob and I decided to simply keep putting them out in hopes that we could at least get partial data. We were on a fairly strict schedule, and had tried everything we could think of to fix the cameras- swapped the cords, updated the firmware, checked for water damage, etc. And so, we treated this week like most of the others, adhering to our 3 day cycle and doing as much analysis as possible in our spare time. I was given an 8tb backup drive to take the data back to my dorm with me in order to continue working/work from home, which was a huge plus for my productivity.

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Living Shoreline- Week 5

Week 5


This week’s summary?

‘And just as everything started to work like a well oiled machine, a cog broke,’.

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Living Shoreline- Week 4

Hey again all! Sorry to fall behind again, I just finished for the summer and realized I hadn’t been keeping up!

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