Week 4 – Imaging Tadpoles

Last week I finished sorting embryos and now I have healthy tadpoles ready. Sadly my PI was out of town so I was basically alone for the most of time. I composed a poem to record this sorrow moment. [Read more…]

Week 3 – Getting some Tadpoles


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Protein Modeling of Wild-type TRs and RTH mutants

To understand and explain localization of thyroid hormone receptors, I performed an ab initio folding of the primary sequences for both the wild-type and the mutant receptors. The mutant receptor demonstrated a potential conformational change. Therefore, I overlapped the two receptors together and create a predicted model how the wild-type receptor would conformationally shift to the mutant. The conformational change occurs within the DNA-Binding Domain, which could potentially affect the binding affinity between the receptor and the thyroid response elements. The following is selected times within the animation, which should the progressive conformational changes within the DBD.

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Week 1– molecular Reagent Preparation

As I mentioned in the abstract, the goal of my research is to investigate mitochondrial features and its relationship with neural progenitor cells (NPCs). Therefore, it is necessary to construct certain plasmids (i.e. molecular reagents) to mark both the NPCs and mitochondria. Thus, constructing a vector¬†plasmid requires three donor plasmids (see below): 1. a promoter region (5′ entry plasmid); 2. a sequence that is responsible for marking NPCs (middle’ entry plasmid); 3. a sequence that is responsible for marking mitochondria (3′ entry plasid). For this week, I put a sequence that generates red florescent protein into a 3′ entry plasmid as a donor plasmid.

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Welcome to Winterthur

About me:

Although I grew up in the Delaware-Pennsylvania area, this summer is the first time I ever visited Winterthur Museum, Gardens, and Library. For the next ten weeks, I will be tucked away at a desk on the sixth floor in a room full of quirky decorative curiosities, learning from Winterthur’s curatorial department. I am Winterthur’s first Woody intern from William and Mary, and am very lucky that the Woody Internship in Museum Studies makes it possible for me to experience behind the scenes museum work this summer.

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