Final Reflections of DC and the Department of State

Hi all –


It’s hard to believe that the summer is over and our first round of classes are about to start this Wednesday. By the end of my internship it had begun to feel as if I was an employee at DOS rather than just an unpaid intern ready to finish their final year of college. My final week was spent finishing up my final project which was to draft the 2019 END Act Report and Strategic Assessment that is due to be published by Congress in October this year (yipee!). It just happened to work out perfectly that the finishing touches were due the same week I was preparing to leave! Overall I’d say this has been one of the most fulfilling summers of my life which I am surprised to say – I fully expected to be exhausted after 10 weeks of a full-time “adult” job. This experience, however, has reignighted my passions and solidifed the direction of my future career in ways I didn’t think possible.

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Final Week of Remote Area Medical Operations

Hello all! This summer has went by so fast and has been a whirlwind of knowledge and new experiences. I have received so much knowledge throughout the past couple of months about the medical field, as well as the need for medical care across the country. My time in Texas was nothing short of amazing. We served so many people at each of our clinics, with a total patient count of about 3,ooo.  Our primary services at each of our clinics, Brownsville, San Juan, Mission, and Laredo, were vision and dental, while the National Guard covered medical services.

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Week 10: What I Loved and Learned About VFI

As my internship has come to its end, I want to take this share my initial thoughts on what I have learned and enjoyed from this experience.

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Last Week Reflections

Hard to believe that this internship is tapering to a close already–these 2.5 months have flown by! I continue to be so grateful for the learning opportunity that this summer position has offered to me. This introduction into the realm of services for refugees and immigrants has proven to be an acutely sobering experience. I feel more receptive and empathetic towards people who have been uprooted and thrown into environments that are completely alien and often indifferent towards their presence. However, embedded in this newfound receptiveness is also the humbling knowledge that I am in a position of such privilege and power that I will never begin to truly understand the experiences of our clients here in their new home of Manchester, NH. It has been uncomfortable to me to step into the lives and new homes of clients from conflict-ridden Central African countries. To know that even as the odor of frying oil and too many bodies packed into a two bedroom apartment washes over me, even as I hold a baby in my arms and help a woman who speaks no English at all check in at the doctor’s office, even as I wince over the details a raped and abused client’s mental trauma in her medical file–I will go home tonight to fragrant sheets, a clean kitchen, and a town where everyone looks like me and speaks my language.

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Meeting Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins (among other things)

Hi again!

It is hard to believe that my time here at the Department of State is coming to close. Continuing with the general trend of my time here, tons of things have been constantly going on!

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