An Analysis of Colonial Gravestones

Hi, in my previous blog post:

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Progress in Developmental Research

It has been really exciting seeing this project come together so fast.  Recently, we finished the 105th interview.  This is a great milestone in the study because the goal was to obtain 103 sets of data from children and their families.  Because the set goal for data collected has been reached, everyone has had their hands full getting transcriptions and coding up-to-date.  Coding the data has been interesting because the interviews are looked at in a new light and every word seems meaningful.  It can definitely get tricky at times , but that is why we have pairs of coders to look at each interview individually and again as a pair.  Looking at each of the children’s interviews this closely is always a unique experience and has opened my eyes to a lot of patterns  in these at-risk kids.

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Hi everyone,

I’m a senior here at W&M and a member of Orchesis, W&M’s modern dance company.  My passion for choreography has blossomed in the Dance Department and I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I have had as a dance student.  My final research project at school will not be writing a honors thesis.  Instead, I will be exploring how to successfully move 25 dancers on a stage in a piece that I am choreographing for An Evening of Dance in March.

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Independent Research in Developmental Psychology

Greetings everyone,

I am a senior here at W&M and for the past few months I have been involved in a really great research experience in the psych department.  Over the summer I had a class with Dr. Dallaire, who welcomed me into her research study. The idea of doing research at the college seemed intimidating, but it was extremely easy to get involved with and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in graduate studies and getting practical experience. I have been helping out with a graduate student’s research project for the last few months.  The study focuses on at-risk youth emotion regulation and pro-social behaviors.  This study is really unique because we are adding to data that was collected a few years ago and there are not a lot of longitudinal studies on at-risk youth available.

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Memorialization Practices

Memories are the basis of who we are. Our histories shape us into who we are today. Through daily repeated rituals and memorialization practices, from archives, monuments, tool making, to where our trash is deposited after we set it out every Wednesday, these are the things that as time goes on will embody and convey our present culture to future generations.

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