Abstract: Filter-feeding fish and their applications

More than 25% of the world’s fish catch consists of filter-feeding fish such as menhaden, anchovies, shad, tilapia and carp. Despite their economic and ecological importance, we largely don’t know how they filter their own food from the water. This summer I will be conducting research in the hopes to further the scientific knowledge of how these fish remove food particles from the water without clogging their entire system. Because there are so many species of fish that make use of filter-feeding, one main goal of my research is to study a fish species, previously not studied by this lab, in order to understand the mechanism in a diversity of fish species.

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Research on Angelman Syndrome

Hello all!

My name is Sophie Cohen and I am honored to receive one of the Chappell Fellowships. I am 6 days away from finishing my sophomore year at the College!! After all of my exams, I am going to go back home to Scottsdale, Arizona for a few weeks, before coming back to Williamsburg to conduct research. I am a Neuroscience Major and am going to try to complete a Hispanic Studies Minor.

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