Introduction into the realm of researcher

Over the last few weeks, I have been synthesizing and drafting a literature review for my professor, regarding the role of agricultural advisors in farming technology uptake. This is quite exciting because I’m learning so much about the field and I also feel as though I am contributing to a greater understanding of this particular area of study, which I suppose is a joy that can be shared by most researchers. The point of researching something is not just to improve one’s own understanding of it, but to spread that information with other people, which I believe can be very satisfying. However, I had no idea that there was just so much reading involved! This may sound naïve, but the number of papers I have read just to write a 6 page paper is astounding, especially as only a handful of the papers I read were incorporated into my review. More than anything, this work has helped me understand just how much work goes into the spread and transfer of information from one sphere to another. Yet the sense of accomplishment that comes with this is definitely worth the amount of seemingly fruitless work that is put into it.

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