On Mondays We Catalogue – Winterthur Week 4

Life is full of many seemingly unanswerable questions.

Mysteries so vast, so expansive, and so seemingly all-encompassing that figuring out how to find their answers seems impossible.

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Light – Conserve, Preserve, Observe Part 2

As promised, here is some more information about the role light plays in conservation, courtesy of Winterthur’s Lighting Specialist Mack Truax.

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Research/Trip to the Met

Good evening all!

I’ve been researching prodigiously, though I feel I’ll always be behind. Somehow there are endless books (stacks and stacks of books and articles) that I will never be able to sift through in time. However, the research is rewarding. I always feel more powerful when I have more knowledge. I feel as though I’m getting to know Amrita really well (though now I’m convinced I must read all of her favorite books–adding to the stacks). I am having a hard time separating romantic accounts from factual records of what she was like. I’m augmenting my readings about her with readings written by her to attempt to reconcile certain discrepancies. Overall, I am learning a grand amount about her approach to her work, as well as the then-contemporary conceptions of Modernism. I also ran across some other interesting tidbits while searching through newspapers from the 30s (I was looking for an article written by Amrita, and had some fun reading about beauty powders and curiosities). Anyway–reasearch, though never-ending, has been fun and interesting.

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