Final Post- Beijing (Caleb Turner)

I realize that I haven’t consistently titled these posts. I’ve definitely messed up on their numbering, too. Ah well. I’m in the midst of my final week in Beijing! The coming few days look to be really busy with finishing a video project, so I decided to go ahead and do my final post while things aren’t hectic.

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Hello, Doggy! Beijing- Week 7

Wow, only two more weeks left. The past few weeks have really flown by- far quicker than how it felt at the beginning of the summer. It’s funny how time works. When I first got here, I felt uncertain, lonely, and overwhelmed. That’s probably a given when arriving in a brand new country, not knowing anyone, and not knowing the language. The first week felt like an eternity; despite my excitement for the whole experience, self-doubt fueled a lot of my thoughts. Could I really make it the whole summer? The answer, of course, is yes- and I’m gonna miss it, too.

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Beijing- Week 6 (?) The end is nigh, but I have an egg

Let’s see, what did I do this week since the last post? There was a super boring event on Thursday that I helped man. Jing-A had a station selling beer, and typically our beer goes like hotcakes. This time, we sold 9 (!) cups of beer over an 8 hour period. Incredibly boring.

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Beijing Week … 4? 5? Not sure.

Wow, it’s already time to post! It feels like no time at all since I last post.

Last week’s post was rather depressing, as I was upset a number of things. But now, I can with confidence report that this past week has been a lot better! I’ve been meaningfully busy, which is always a plus. Tasks in the last week have included taking product photos for new beer, taking processional photos for employee guides, taking photo/video of our new Hutong taproom that’s soon to open, creating new stickers and gifs for our WeChat social media account, peeling and blending nectarines for 8 hours, and grinding all kinds of oats. It’s been great to be so busy!

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Beijing: A few days in

I arrived in Beijing late this past Saturday, June 15th. By the time I found myself in my AirBnB apartment at 8 pm, I had been awake for over 24 hours. Turns out I’m bad at sleeping on airplanes! [Read more…]