Going Turtling! : Week 2, Lots and Lots of Turtles

Week 2 had beautiful weather, and even more beautiful turtles!! I hope I’n not being dramatic by saying that week 2 hit us like a truck. Week 2 was full of laughter, tears, and records for the project!

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Going Turtling! : Week 1 and Project Rundown

Week 1 of the turtle project was a fairly slow start. We caught 3 turtles overall, 3 beautiful males. All around 13 cm length of carapace. In terms of by-catch we caught several crabs, 2 silver perch, and a rather large flounder! It was an exciting start to the project, both my partner and I always love to interact with the animals, even if they aren’t the animals we are looking for!

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A Sad Introduction to the Terrapin Project

After many weeks of fieldwork, it is time to tell the long story of the research that has been done. While the entirety of the research itself has been overwhelmingly positive, The first day of surveying the work site was cast in a grim light upon a depressing finding. My research partner and I, along with our lab professor and his assistant, paddled out to the Catlett Islands to evaluate where the best spots for pots would be. It was a windy, sunny day, and our spirits were light as we made our way out of Cedar Bush Creek to look for both suitable sites and Terrapins. When entering one of the many small bays of the Islands, we found several old crab pot buoys, with rusted metal rings attached. Luckily enough, nothing was caught in the first few, but the last one we pulled up was a new crab pot and had yet to deteriorate to the level of the others. Sadly, when we pulled it out of the water, it was filled with Diamond-backed Terrapins.

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Update from week 7/8/19

I performed the third trial for the no treatment/ chloroquine experiment. I repeat the same procedures from the previous trials. I perform cell culture, transfection, drug addition, cell fixation, and fluorescence microscopy. I have yet to perform data collection on the trial 3 microscope slides, so I will do this week 7/15/19.

Update for week 7/1/19

The week of 7/1/19, I performed data collection or cell scoring on my Trial 1 of the no treatment/chloroquine experiment. I had to count 100 cells in multiple areas on the slides to see how many of the 100 cells had stress granules and did not have stress granules. I also cultured my cells to make sure that they would still be viable when I entered the lab the following week.