Abstract: Gender Roles and Community Participation in Chaguite Nicaragua.

Hi my name is Cait, and I am a Freshman here at William and Mary pursuing a double major in Sociology and Government. I am very excited to have the opportunity to conduct research in my first year here at the college and I look forward to traveling to Nicaragua this May. Using the Community-Based Participatory Model, I will be partnering with the community of Chaguite Nicaragua to understand more about gender roles and the characteristics of those roles in regards to the level and quantity of community participation. Through prompt dialogue and interviews I will ask the women in the community questions centered around women community participation and decision-making, health concerns, and comparisons in leadership and authority they see or experience between men and women in the community. In a three stage process, beginning with a focus group activity, then household interviews, and lastly personal interviews, my goal is to understand and record how gender and gender roles influence the decision-making process in community activities and the level and quantity that women participate in those activities. Through the CBPR method, I will then be able to work with community members to formulate questions and address concerns that women have in the community. In the long term my goal is to understand gender roles in the community to promote inclusiveness between the community members, increase solidarity in the decision-making process, and increase community participation.