Data Analysis of Tea Party Movement Survey-Introductory Post

For the past year, I have worked as Professor Rapoport’s Research Assistant in the study of third parties in the American political system. My work with this research is furthering study of the Perot Movement’s activists and the Tea Party Movement through surveys of known supporters.

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Inter-Library Loan and Latin: 2 Things I Love

Right now, I am enjoying “Latin for the 21st Century”, a collection of articles about teaching Latin at all levels in this new century. Swem didn’t have a copy, so I used Inter-Library Loan and they were able to get me a copy from South Carolina. Unfortunately, you can’t renew such books so I only have a limited time to extract everything I need from it.  And there is a lot. Although I am only focusing on Latin at the college level, there are several articles about movements in elementary, middle, and high school. The 1960s and 70s were dark times for Latin, but since then it has been on the rise in what some call “the Great Counter-Offensive” (I am unimpressed by this name). This renaissance had roots in the grade school and middle school classrooms. Even today, articles about Latin making a comeback detail some 7th grade class dressed in togas. I don’t know how I feel about that, because that’s not “Latin” as much as an appreciation for the Classical World. Kids in togas are cute. But if the article began with an AP class working through “nuggets” of Horace, I would think the average reader would say to himself “I wonder if they ever wear togas to class. Let me check out the Business section now.” Latin language and Latin culture are distinct. One has never been in trouble. Anyway, the book is a big break-through because most of what I have is on early 1900s stuff when I need a century later.

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Coming to Summer’s End

As the end of summer quickly approaches, I realize that my time for summer research is coming to a close.  I have read countless articles and done countless runs on the real-time.  Yet, as it goes with research, I am still only in the beginning stages of my research.  As I prepare to go back to William and Mary and start another year of school (senior year), I feel that I need to spend some time creating a document that summarizes all of the things that I have read/learned from lab work this summer.  Then, I will be ready to jump back into research and make more progress during the academic year.   While I am ready to go back to school I still find that I am sad to see the wonderful days of summer fading away.

Progress and process

After two months of eating, sleeping and reading, the summer and my little project are finally drawing to an end. What has been done: a large stack of books read wholly and in part (including Lawrence’s absurdly prolix Seven Pillars, which I have read so that others don’t have to) from which there has grown a forest of sticky notes. What remains: one week and 12,000 written words.

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The Summer Lab

The tiny rats I prepared with alcohol intubations during the end of the semester were big enough for the experiment during the second week of July. By then, they had already entered their adulthood and ready for the experiment. There were two sets of litters ready for the experiment, each of which consisted of 8-10 rats each. I ran the experiment for two weeks- one week for each set of litter.

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