Blog 1 — Summer research outline making

Since this my first time to do a scientific research, I am very excited and looking forward to the whole summer sessions. The main idea of this research — “Generate a spatially continuous synthetic population description for improved prediction of human movement and spread of disease” — was inspired by my COLL 150 with professor Frazier of Data Science department. So I started to talk with professor Frazier about some brief ideas about the research process. We talked for hours, which was really helpful and enlightening. We went through some topics in class during the spring semester and some inspiring thoughts of my classmates. The whole class collected many cutting-edge methodologies with promising future and some of them might be used by us.We settled down some general outlines of the research we are going to do and decided to read more about different methods and make a summary list of all the methods related.

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Summer Summary

Now that my summer research has ended, I’m realizing just how much I have left to do on this project.  I’m still a very long way from a publishable result.  I spent more time this summer working on the Asclepias syriaca and Asclepias exaltata hybrid project than I did on my original historical milkweed project.  The historical project was to look at how the ranges and abundances of a variety of milkweed species have changed over the past hundred years.  I spent the first couple of weeks working on this project before shifting to focus on the hybrid project.  Both projects are still in their early stages and I will be continuing to work on both over the course of the school year.  I’m hoping to produce some results that can be included in upcoming publications from the Puzey lab.  Now that I’m a senior, the pressure is on to wrap up my projects.

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Going Turtling! Week 7: Goal Setting and Nesting Sites!

Week seven we met our Goal for turtle capture!! We caught 6 turtles, with the sex ratio being 1 male and 5 females. We made it past 64, which we didn’t even think that we would get close to! Our 64th turtle was a tinly little male, roughly 1-2 years in age. Both I and my partner took pictures with the little guy! [Read more…]

Going Turtling! Weeks 5 & 6: Huge Capture & Eye color in Turtles?

Greetings Again Turtle-lovers! Weeks 5 & six were huge in terms of capture as well as in discovery, with one sad moment to tint our high yields. Week 5 alone we caught 16 turtles! With the sex ratio being 9 Females to 7 males. In the first day alone we caught 10 of the sixteen.

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Going Turtling! : Week 1 and Project Rundown

Week 1 of the turtle project was a fairly slow start. We caught 3 turtles overall, 3 beautiful males. All around 13 cm length of carapace. In terms of by-catch we caught several crabs, 2 silver perch, and a rather large flounder! It was an exciting start to the project, both my partner and I always love to interact with the animals, even if they aren’t the animals we are looking for!

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