Abstract: Dramaturgy Work on William & Mary Theatre’s 2018 Production of The Children’s Hour

    Set in a New England town in the 1930’s, The Children’s Hourtells the story of two boarding school headmistresses accused of having a homosexual affair, and the disgruntled student whose one malevolent lie ruins the lives of many people around her. It was the first play of American playwright Lillian Hellman, and a commercial, though controversial, success that paved the way for her later accomplishments and just as disputed career. Though an older piece, this play continues to be a timeless one; the warning of the consequences of gossip, rumors, and a culture of fear have as much validity today as in 1934. Especially in the era of fake news, this story of the power of a lie, and people bending the truth to suit their own will, continues to hold irrefutable relevance in today’s society.

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