The Grand Finale of Summer Milkweed Pollination Research

To bring the summer to its natural conclusion, myself and my fellow technician Angelica set out to process all of the data we collected.  With only three weeks to process and analyze a month an a half of data collection, we really had our work cut out for us.  My job was to continue watching the videos we had taken and start scanning the data sheets and inputting the information on a spread sheet.  Angelica was in charge of image analysis, looking at percent leaf damage for the herbivory blocks.

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Conclusion of the Summer and Looking towards the School Year

Sorry this is so late! Some personal things came up in the last week of research. But better late than never! 🙂

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Conclusion: A Promising Future for AP

So far this summer, I have worked on a few projects and had some promising results.  The paper we submitted received comments from reviewers, and I have been conducting new experiments to answer and fulfill their questions and comments. We hope that the paper will be published by the end of the summer.  In addition, I am diligently attempting to get some clean crystals for one of the cobalt complexes I wrote about in a past blog.  So far, this summer has been a very productive and promising journey.   I love having the opportunity to do full time research since, during the school year, I have very limited time to do chemistry research with all of my classes.  This way, I can dive deep into my chemistry research, and make larger dents in pushing my project forward.  I am planning on doing my honors thesis on this family of cobalt complexes, so I appreciate the jump start to senior year honors research.  I also received a summer research grant last year, and have been grateful to participate in the Charles Center Summer Research program each year.


This last blog post is attempting to sum up the result of the research project as of time.


Our data showed that the synchronized movement resulted in the highest level of cooperation in America. However, we also found out that the cooperation level of the control condition also was too” high”, casting a doubt into the actuality of the measured conditions’ impacts.

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