Final Update: Summary

This summer was a wonderful experience. I was fortunate enough to design my own study. At first, I was under the impression that this job would feel just as such—a job. However, I began to quite like the process. Now, as this summer research experience is coming to a close, I find myself looking forward to perpetuating my study.

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Update #7: 7/8-7/15

Week seven was spent recruiting and running participants. While running the first couple of participants, I’ll admit, I was quite nervous. I was still getting accustomed to the protocol. However, once I got used to the process, I became very comfortable. By the end of the week, I was itching for more participants because I actually enjoyed the process.

Update #6: 7/1-7/8

This week, I was given a tour around the lab. My PI taught me everything I needed to know. Then, I ran her as my first participant so that she could give me advice on how to run future participants. After this, the rest of the week was spent looking for participants.

Update #5: 6/24-7/1

During week five, I finished up with all of the analyses of the pilot Qualtrics survey data. In doing so, I was able to finalize the real Qualtrics survey that I would have my participants take.

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Update #4: 6/17-6/24

This week, after waiting for people to respond to my pilot Qualtrics survey, I managed to collect around 30 responses. Then, I uploaded everything into SPSS and analyzed the data. From there, I was able to determine if the variables I chose were receiving the correct responses.