Abstract: Smart Garbage Software Development in Israel

The Internet of Garbage (IoG) is a term coined by GreenQ which means applying data analysis concepts to garbage and municipal maintenance facilities. GreenQ is a startup software company in Israel that develops software to analyze garbage consumption so municipal authorities can more efficiently pick up garbage.  The subject of this research will be twofold: I will be working for this startup in Jerusalem where I will work in close proximity with a software development team  team to develop a dashboard for a stronger user interface for the end user, and  optimization of their smart garbage analysis. The second part of my research will be in startup culture and the tech sector in Israel, a nation well known for its tech savviness, and its embrace of new technologies in all aspects of its wellbeing. This research is important because Americans produce more waste per capita than most developed countries, and it is an area where increased efficiency in garbage collection would go a long way in improving the efficiency of cities and American consumption habits.

These are findings

Leitner et al. (2008) describe five main aspects of spatiality that should be accounted for in any analysis of a social movement or instance contentious politics (e.g. resistance): place, scale, networks, positionality and mobility. In keeping with their wishes to avoid anointing a master frame, I shall take this opportunity to describe how each of these concepts have appeared in relation to the case and in particular, my guiding research question: how does the materiality of of coal fired power plants affect the spatial distribution of resistance?

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Summer Research: Physician-Hospital Integration

My name is Dan Robinson, and I am a rising senior at William and Mary.  I am pursing a double major in Neuroscience and Economics, and these disciplines have very little overlap.  One area where biology and economics can come together is in health economics.  The main concerns of economists who study the healthcare industry are the availability, quality, and cost of patient care.

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