Honors Colloquium Report Back

Last Friday I had my Honors Colloquium and presented my research publicly (at least in a lecture format) for the first time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Honors Colloquiums at the College, I’ll briefly outline their primary purpose, which is twofold: [Read more…]

The Return

I have returned to school and am ending a brief interim I had taken in Thesis work.  From approximately my birthday (mid-January – towards the end of the break) until this past Tuesday, when I first met with my Thesis Advisor since being back, I have not looked at any Thesis related materials. Yet, right before my meeting with my advisor I finally re-opened my Thesis word document to refresh myself on my most pressing questions. I had been dreading the return to Thesis work and before I took my half-month pause I had been feeling as though I had sort of reached a wall. I had 30 some pages, including an outline of the majority of the piece as well as some more fully written sections, but (and I feel I am reporting fear and anxiety all too often in this blog) I worried about how to fill in the missing bits and chunks and about the strength of the parts I had fully drafted. Anyway, I think undergraduate Theses are an exercise in enacting the mantra “keep calm and carry on.”

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A Thesis by any other name

Home, and having played an inordinately large number of various board games with family, I feel as if I have shaken off the semester’s weariness enough to finally begin actually writing my thesis. I’ve been grappling with what I want to say and with about 20 pages written/outlined(/filled with quotations I know I want to include) I feel as if I’m nearing an argument I feel good about.

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For whom to write

So here I stand on the precipice of December. Winter Break will arrive in a mere two and a half weeks and the beginning of this break marks the time when I will hark upon my keyboard in an effort write my Thesis in its entirety. The month long interim provides a logical time to tackle this task as there will exist no other schoolwork, it remains too early to truly submerge myself in the job search, and the only distractions consist of the pleasures of home. These pleasures might even serve as an incentive to write, as at the moment curling up with my laptop in front of my abnormally and magnificently hot fireplace, which my dad keeps burning seemingly all Winter long, could not seem any more appealing. Yet, despite the fact that I have been aiming to write my Thesis over Winter Break all along and this plan remains the most practical, I know that it will present a challenge.

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And so it begins (analysis, that is)

Although I’ve been fretting about the analysis portion of my research for some time now, this worrying has proved unfounded.  Not only that, but I think I may like analysis more than the actual data collection portion of research.  Now that I have data, I get to discover the ideas hidden within it, then engage with these ideas and explore them further.  It’s all rather exciting.

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