Ridin’ on the milkweed bus

June milkweed fieldwork is thoroughly underway! We have been collecting data for a couple weeks now and have almost collected data on every transect. We ended up abandoning one transect at New Quarter Park. However, we have since visited and collected data on our five transects at Yorktown Battlefield, seven at Blandy Experimental Farm, and two at Sky Meadows State Park. We are winding down on plant data collection this weekend with four transects at Prequile National Wildlife Refuge. We began at Blandy where we learned methods for measuring and recording data. Though I was slow both at measuring and recording at first, after hundreds of milkweed plants I have gotten more proficient with the meter stick, calipers, and rugged handheld field PCs. When we return from Presquile next week, several of us in the milkweed crew will go back to Blandy to collect data for our individual research questions.

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