After 10 weeks of research design and lab sessions, I am at a stopping point for the summer. At this point, I have run 26 participants, and I know that most of that data was collected without difficulty and will be a part of my final result, a concept which I find very exciting.

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Summer Reflections

This summer has been very different from what I thought it would be. I’ve been working by myself most of the time, and often a 40-minute hike into the middle of the woods. The kind of identification I was doing out in the field was not something I had ever done on my own before, without anyone more knowledgeable there to direct questions to. I’ve definitely become more self-sufficient, or at the very least have more faith in myself that I can do this kind of work alone if need be. Now knowing the scientific names for many of the plants in the College Woods is also a plus.

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End of Summer Research: Findings on Marriage and Proposals in Victorian Novels

We are the end, folks. Or, well, the end of the summer at least. For me I will still be sending the next eight months on this project. And I am so happy I got a head start in the last three months.

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Coming Home

I’m finally back Stateside! I returned at the end of July after having spent over six months abroad, five weeks of which were spent travelling around continental Europe doing this research. Without having been shot at or wounded and without losing friends and seeing horrific things on the battlefield I was ready enough to be home, so I sympathized with my guys – my Marines and soldiers whose desire to be home carried them through the worst parts of their wars.

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Visiting the Communities, Part 5: ASHA Monthly Meeting + Summary of Research – Blog Post #8

Continuing to post my blogs 🙂

Saturday, July 2nd

Continuing on with the description of my second week in the communities:

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