This last blog post is attempting to sum up the result of the research project as of time.


Our data showed that the synchronized movement resulted in the highest level of cooperation in America. However, we also found out that the cooperation level of the control condition also was too” high”, casting a doubt into the actuality of the measured conditions’ impacts.

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Improvement as an experimenter

Although this post is not directly about the research project, I wanted to allocate at least a post on how the research experience have been beneficial for my personal improvement as  an experimenter so far.

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When you have to discard data

Last posting talked about the potential uncontrollable factors, and how researchers might handle them. This one will talk briefly about how a researcher might discern when to discard data for the validity of data analysis.

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Unforeseen Incidents from Unexpected Sources

Slight change of plan.

This post is about some of the unforeseen problems that I had to deal with so far as an experimenter.

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A typical experiment session

A typical experiment session so far has been more or less likely the below.


1. As an experimenter, I arrive earlier than the scheduled experiment session.

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