The Megiddo Expedition

This summer I will be attending an archeological excavation in Megiddo, Israel. This site is a highly influential site for biblical archeology with two previous excavations having occurred in the 20thcentury. This renewed expedition seeks new findings and to investigate further that which has already been uncovered. The goals for the 2018 season are to recheck previous stratigraphy and chronology in order to reaffirm Megiddo’s importance during the Bronze and Iron Ages; revisit previously excavated monuments to examine their dates and cultural affiliation; employ new methods of research such as dating methodologies, ancient DNA, and geo-archeology. In order to achieve these goals, several excavation sites along the tel will be examined. These sites will be the Middle Bronze City, the fortifications and gates of Megiddo, a royal Bronze Age tomb, and Iron Age layers which may relate to biblical passages concerning King Josiah.