Conclusion of the Summer and Looking towards the School Year

Sorry this is so late! Some personal things came up in the last week of research. But better late than never! 🙂

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Legacy. What is a Legacy?

Title: Legacy. What is a legacy?


As you probably know if you’ve read my previous blog posts, Charles Willson Peale was an American artist during and after the American Revolution. He is also an example of an artist who witnessed fading within his own paintings. In 1790, Peale revisited one of his paintings he’d made 15 years earlier. He noticed his reds had faded to cold black shadows and wrote in his journal “Had I used vermillion or light red, how much better these paintings would have been.” Three years later he advertised his paintings would no longer lose their brilliance.

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Tackling Art Samples

This summer I’m looking at Peale paintings but I’d only ever worked with references before this summer, never art samples. In order to become comfortable with them, I’ve looked at Dr. Wustholz’s old art samples from their first paper and found some interesting things: [Read more…]

What do colloids do?

Hello, everyone! I don’t know if you remember but this summer I’m working in Professor Kristin Wustholz’s lab using Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) to identify dyes in paintings created by Charles Willson Peale. When I came in this summer I had an official list of things I wanted to get done and learn. They were: [Read more…]