Abstract – Facilitating the Development of Community Capacity and Self-Efficacy in Esfuerzo del Paraiso, Dominican Republic – Matthew Crittenden

This summer, I will be conducting research with the Student Organization for Medical Outreach and Sustainability (SOMOS) in Esfuerzo del Paraiso, Santo Domingo Norte, Dominican Republic. I will travel with other team members to the Dominican Republic, support our ongoing work in Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR), conduct Social Network Analysis (SNA) and DTRA (domain, tasks, resources, activities) research, facilitate meetings with community members, collect spatial data, and complete an ArcGIS Story Map representation of SOMOS’s trailblazing partnership with the Esfuerzo community. This summer project will be an extension of the work SOMOS has been continuing for over a decade, in which we seek to answer the questions: [Read more…]