A Pre-Medical Student’s Experience with the Escuela Taurina de Salamanca

My name is Michael Cammarata and I’m a junior at the College, as well as a Neuroscience major and Hispanic Studies minor. I will be spending several weeks in Spain this summer to train with the bullfighting school in Salamanca, while conducting interviews with young toreros, called novilleros, to understand the development of the aspiring matador, as well as the commitment and sacrifice necessary to succeed in such a competitive and dangerous industry. I am also in contact with the recently confirmed matador de toros, Alejandro Esplá, to arrange do a home-stay with him and his family, which will give me the unique opportunity to see the bullfighting world through the lens of a successful taurine family. His father is Luis Francisco Esplá, the famous retired matador from Alicante, Spain. I will be documenting my experiences daily, with the goal of synthesizing my experiences in an article addressing the future of bullfighting. I will also be writing several short stories, reflecting on works by Ernest Hemingway such as For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Sun Also Rises.

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