Losing the Battle to Win the War: Plant massacres and program fails

I’ve taken a fair few Ls in the past few weeks here in Puzey lab, but I know they’ve all been for the best. In my last post, I wrote about the measures we were taking to beat back thrips and spider mites; in this post, I must write that I was unable to control the insects on my plants, and had to make the decision to cut them all back. The spider mite populations were huge, and I was having to wipe down the leaves and stems of my plants every day to kill them. Misting with water and even bleach didn’t help, and on top of that, thrips were still present. I couldn’t use insecticidal soaps on the plants, because we had released so many predatory insects to help. So, I cut every single plant back to its roots. This sounds traumatic for the plants, but milkweed has such extensive root systems that they regrow quickly and healthily. Now I just have to wait for everything to grow—and then I can start executing my experiment!

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