Make Your Own Oil Paint!

Hi Everyone,

The end goal of my summer research was to prepare a comprehensive library of SERS spectra for the many possible plant sources of organic yellow dyes and pigments.  Once I tested the water soluble, cooperative dyes and extracted the insoluble pigments, the next step was to test oil paints.  As the pigments and dyes would be found on a painting mixed with an oil binder, the best simulation of an art sample would be to take SERS spectra of oil paints made from the yellows I have been testing.

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Under the Surface of a Painting

Hello again!

Due to our collaboration with Shelley Svoboda at the Dewitt Wallace Collections and Conservation building, my lab has access to historical oil paintings to sample and study.  Currently, the piece of interest in my project is the portrait of Mrs. Nelson by Robert Feke, an American artist.  Despite the fact that the subject of the portrait is wearing a blue dress, yellows may be hiding among the paint layers.

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