Analysis of Milkweed Genotyping

With just a few individuals left to send off as redos, most of the focus on the milkweed project has moved towards analysis. Analysis is inherently tricky because there is a lot of trial and error. There are essentially a few options for analysis. You can use someone else’s software, you can modify someone else’s to fit your needs, OR you can make your own. The last one is obviously extremely time intensive, so our hope was to find a software we could use to fit our needs.

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The Finale: Contamination galore!

Hello all,

This is my last post of the summer! I have really enjoyed my summer research experience here. Recently, I have had a bit of a hard time with my work. Most of my transformations are contaminated. I am not quite sure what has contaminated them–but it smells funky!

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Going with the flow: a new and improved milkweed project, finally getting results

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from my three years of research, it’s that its super important to go with the flow. Since my last update my milkweed project has taken on an entirely new shape. After discovering that glyphosate herbicides do not act as a proxy for connectedness, I decided to use a different approach and expand on my project from last summer.

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Dog Days of Summer Research

Hello all!

I don’t have much to report in the realm of science research. It’s pretty been more of the same. My original transformations haven’t worked, so I spent about a week or so troubleshooting. I made new CloNat plates, grew up a whole new culture from the original colony strain, and boiled some fresh Carrier DNA. I did my last attempt at this transformation on Friday and am about to plate it as we speak. If it’s successful, I can continue with gene knock-outs on this particular gene. I can then also begin to transform other genes from this strain. I’ve begun work on that part and sent those genes off to be sequenced. Hopefully in the next day or so I will get those sequences back to begin analysis.

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A Summer Transformation: the SAC3 gene in S. cerevisiae

Hello, all! The past few weeks have been a bit more promising in the lab. I’ve begun preparations for my gene knock-out, which I will be performing on a previously sequenced gene, SAC3. I worked with this gene in the Spring semester. In order to prepare for my knock-out, I first had to transform the yeast to be able to take in this gene from the environment. Basically, I put the yeast under stress, which then allows for them to take up DNA from the environment.

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