Week 1: A little late but just in time (I think)! Written 7/13

Hello from South Korea! I have been reading and getting ready from quite a while ago but only “started” my actual research last week as I landed in Korea. While I was a little worried about this delay (I was supposed to come at least two weeks ago), I was lucky enough to get in contact with Seoul Deaf School’s faculty member right away.

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Freeman Intern Fellowship #1: I am (and have been, for 3 weeks, whoops) in Hong Kong!

Hi Everyone,


My name is Sean Tran, and I am a rising junior at William & Mary, and I am the Freeman Intern Fellow to Hong Kong for Summer 2019. Thank you for reading my blog! I tried figuring out how to make this blog when I first got to Hong Kong, and since then I’ve been so busy getting adjusted to my new life here that it’s not until now that I got to posting. Sorry! But, that just means there will be even more material to cover in these posts!

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