Some Direction

I was a little hazy on what I’d actually be doing this summer. Would I be helping someone else with her research? Would I be using data that was already collected? Or would I be messing around until I had the opportunity to head to Maine and Vermont to collect new data? It turns out I’m doing a little bit of each. There is an incredible amount of data being used for a matrix model that has been in the works longer than I’ve been at W&M, and I am helping sort through it, picking out funky pieces of data and marking them so they can be checked with the real trees when we take the trip to Maine. I am also using the current data to practice my modeling skills. One goal for the summer is having a functional model for the Maine data. I am using a statistical program, R, that is very different than Python ( the language I’ve used so far in my CS classes), and I spend a significant amount of time just trying to find proper syntax and functions for the things I want to do. Once more data is collected, there will be two years of data collected from the Vermont site, and I spend time this fall building a new model for a new set of data.

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