Final Update: Portraiture of Livia

As I’ve finished my summer of working on my thesis in the classics department, I can reflect back on the waves of frustration and excitement I’ve encountered while researching.  Part of me feels as though I’ve barely chipped into the iceberg surface of this topic and that whatever research I’ve done will need to be followed by much more reading and writing.  However, considering that my honors thesis is a year-long project that I’ll finalize in the coming spring semester, I don’t feel as though I’m off schedule.  In fact, the research I’ve done this summer has given me a huge head start for the work I’ll do during the school year.  For that reason, I feel so grateful for having been given the chance to start my research this summer.  It’s been an incredibly valuable experience to feel as though I have the time to pursue different tangents relating to the topic, and it has made me much more comfortable in my thesis topic.

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