Preparing for the Charles Center Showcase

As I prepare to present my summer research at the Charles Center Summer Research Showcase on Thursday, I’m trying to decide how best to fit a whole summer’s worth of research on one poster board. Since I’ll only have an hour and a half to stand next to a three foot representation of my whole summer (a large part of research conducted throughout the last year), I’ll have to keep it simple. I’m reminded of the same conversation I’ve had a million time throughout these past few months,  which always starts with the same, seemingly simple question: “So what’s your research about?”

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Replying to Emails and Learning Pajek

Once I finally sent in my survey, it was nice to watch the results stream in to my Qualtrics account. Most of the recipients were very encouraging and helpful and I spent a lot of time replying to their emails and answering any questions they had. I had almost two hundred responses by the end of the first afternoon and, with a quick reminder email sent about a week later, I currently have over 500 responses.

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Looking backward and forward

Meeting with the Archaeological Research Committee of the Bermuda National Trust during my last week on the island this summer.


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An Introduction and Getting Started

Hello Everyone,

My name is Meg Schwenzfeier and I am a recipient of the Sharpe and Community Studies Grant. I am doing summer research looking at how individuals’ social connections influence whether they volunteer for a political campaign. It took me a while to figure out the blogging process and longer than expected to obtain some of the data needed in order to begin my research, so I will do my best to update regularly from now on.

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Finally the data came!

Yeah! The data finally came. After getting lost in the post office for over a week, the Florida inpatient and outpatient data for 2009 and 2010 finally came. Today I created all the counts and collapsed it on individual doctors (instead of each patient). Once I append it to the other years and merge it with all the controls, Prof He and Mello’s data will be finished and I can start working on my project fully.  The final panels will have the top five counties, hospitals, diagnosis, prognosis, and procedures for each attending doctor, operating doctor, and hospital for the inpatient and outpatient data.  I can’t wait until it is time to do regressions!