Final Post- Beijing (Caleb Turner)

I realize that I haven’t consistently titled these posts. I’ve definitely messed up on their numbering, too. Ah well. I’m in the midst of my final week in Beijing! The coming few days look to be really busy with finishing a video project, so I decided to go ahead and do my final post while things aren’t hectic.

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1 Week Down; So much done, so much to do

Wow, it has already been a week. And what an exhausting week it was.

My internship is not one of those “take a backseat, watch the professionals” kind of hands-off internship. Instead, they immediately threw me into the fire with event planning, promotional photography, brewing time, festival service, and video capture. Which is super neat; I’m thankful that my internship is an actual learning experience rather than a blip on my resume. It has a few downsides; namely, I worked 8 days in a row after my first day, and was exhausted after that run. It made sense, there was a huge burger/beer festival that Jing-A participated in over the weekend, so they needed all hands on deck. But it was a lot, especially as I was just now getting used to a new country.

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